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Leith, much to his surprise, is an Amazon Best Selling Author of; THE FATHER BALANCE: How YOU as a Father, can successfully build a career and, at the same time, still keep your marriage and family together!Leith Adams - The Father Balance

On the speaking circuit Leith has quickly become known as “Mr Inspiration.” He is a charismatic, humorous, inspirational & dynamic public speaker and presenter, as well as being a Qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

In addition he is also the official Australian licence holder and workshop facilitator for “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, as well as being a Certified “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” Relationship Life Coach.

Along with these qualifications and the life skills, Leith now specializes in teaching business owners, why and how to profit using their social media audience as a platform to build and promote their business from. The marketplace is quickly changing from conventional “Bricks & Mortar” to “Click & Order.” In Leith’s own words; “Its either a case of get online, or get left behind!”

By now, as you have read through every word of this website, you’ll begin to discover that Leith is the real deal; he has a heart as big as Australia!

Picture your life, business, marriage, relationships or family, five years from now…. What does that picture look like for you? Is your business and/or family still intact, or is it in tatters? Are you living your balanced life to the absolute MAX!…???

Leith has had to learn how to overcome adversity, and how to overcome situations and circumstances where many a good man would have been left broken and would have totally given up on himself. Some people have said to him recently, how lucky he is… “Luck be darned, it’s been darned hard work, it’s not an easy job keeping your family together, with all that we’ve been put through!”

No doubt you would agree, that regardless of your circumstances it’s not an easy job for any husband and wife to keep their family together nowadays and to remain united in today’s society; it takes dedicated energy, commitment and darned hard work to keep it all intact. At the end of the day, it’s just simply a case of doing whatever it takes!

As Leith would say; Whatever It Takes… Don’t Give Up!!! Persist Until Successful…. Success is a journey, NOT a destination. Make sure you enjoy the trip. Climb the Ladder to Your Dreams One Step at a Time. Whatever It Takes #DO_IT_TO_IT !


Leith speaks good like a speaker should; why not do yourself a favour and book Leith to speak at your next upcoming event? Rest assured, you will be so glad you did…..

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